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Fastidious problem solving is our stamp, our trademark and an integral part of our brand DNA. It’s what we’re built upon, lauded because of and remembered for. For over 14 years, we’ve provided exemplary custodianship as the Owners Corporation Management for prestigious residential buildings in Melbourne – Australia’s creative, cultural beating heart. Translating the complex into the clarified, we act as conservators for the assets, apartments and multi-use real estate bestowed upon us. Simultaneously, we support, nurture and bolster the committees of these buildings with tactful advice and strategic management expertise.

At Verticali, we pride ourselves on the virtuosity and proficiency in which we offer owners corporation management services. Our niche lies in distinguished residential buildings and medium to high-density developments, hi-rise apartments and mixed-use dwellings. Our primary focus, delivering precise solutions to prolific problems that exceed broad legislative expertise, while also fulfilling the unique desires of the owners and residents that live within the buildings in our cavalry.

Custodians to prestigious residential buildings.

We’ve curated a remarkable coterie of industry-leading experts and local professionals, enabling us to decode the complexities of the industry. Humanising legislative jargon is important to us. This is evident in our market foothold as the ‘go-to’ team amid Melbourne’s most well-known developers, and the prestigious residencies under our diligent care. The extensive portfolio of buildings under our guise has an estimated value of over $3Billion, standing as a testament to our reputation as the creme de la creme of custodians. Reach out to us today, whether it be to converse over a coffee, or to touch base over the phone, and let’s explore the myriad ways in which we can work together.

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Our difference - transforming expectations.

Download our 'How to Guide for OC Committees'

What’s our edge? One of the obstacles facing Owners Corporation Committee members is understanding the roles and responsibilities of their chosen management team. This is why, for us, transparency is paramount and uncompromisable. We take a transformative approach towards the complex, morphing it into something easy to digest, understand and discuss openly. Our bespoke Verticali How to Guide for Owners Corporation Committees is an extension of this philosophy, and contains key information to assist in understanding the Owners Corporation Legislation process, as well as guidance on how an Owners Corporation Committee should be run. Download your free copy today.

Our portfolio.

Investing in property is often one of the largest financial transactions an individual can make. With such a high-risk transaction, we focus on ensuring the site's reputation is maintained to be a sought after investment and place to live. Put simply, we strive to enhance a property’s value, not simply maintain it.


They are a brilliant outfit, Allister runs the business so very well, he is so above the pack he doesn’t know it. They are very good at delivering information in a digestible way, no fluff- factual message- very personable. Allister is so ethical and intelligent - the people behind Verticali are excellent and I’m happy to put them out to my referral network - because I have every confidence in him and his team.

Nicole - Tisher Liner Law

I have dealt with Allister and Sarah for more than a decade. They are highly competent across all aspects of OC law and practice, and very professional in the way they service clients. They are also people of great integrity and honesty, and I can recommend them without reservation.

Karen McL A – The Hallmark
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Management Proposal for Owners Corporation

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Tailored Services.

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Accounting Procedures

Our accounting department’s services extend across the full spectrum of Owners Corporation management, and are bolstered by the support of Macquarie Bank, along with our selected strata software provider.
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Building Management Services

We work with some of Melbourne’s leading specialist facility management firms and build long lasting, trusting relations with all our onsite building management staff. We are able to review, draft, scope and tender facility management services ranging from... Hover to Read More
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Cleaning Services

We review cleaning scopes annually in consultation with the committee to ensure that the scope originally specified is still meeting the building and clients expectations. Our contractors understand that the scope is often a moving target as each building ages... Hover to Read More
Strata Consulting

Client Web Portal

With our commitment to a transparent management style, Verticali also offers all clients access to our industry-leading community web portal. Our secure online portal links best-of-breed community management and accounting software to our clients allowing real... Hover to Read More
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Contract Tendering

As part of our commitment to provide tailored management services we can tender all service contracts for your owners corporation to ensure that the most appropriate scope, fee and service is being delivered.
Defects Management

Defects Management

Our prowess for problem solving is second-to-none. Armed with a culture of can-do, transparency and confidence from the go, we face every challenge head-on. The defect liability period is a very critical time in the lifecycle of a building development and our ... Hover to Read More
Developer Consultancy

Developer Consultancy

Our expertise enables us to cater to several different end-users. This includes property developers with a burgeoning development concept. We can provide expert advice around the most appropriate Owners Corporation Structure, develop proposed budgets for sales... Hover to Read More
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Drafting budgets for sales purposes

Our draft budgets are carefully crafted to reflect current realistic market rates. Our team prepare draft budgets for sales purposes in close consultation with the developer and appointed sales team. Our budgets are precise, realistic and transparent.
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Drafting special rules

The drafting and lodgement of Special rules is a complex task. Considerable time and effort must be taken to ensure the rules do not unfairly discriminate against a lot owner or occupier and that the rules don’t conflict with, or limit the Owners Corporation... Hover to Read More
Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting

Our accounting department’s services extend across the full spectrum of Owners Corporation management and is backed by the support of Macquarie bank and our selected strata software provider.
Webdesk Team

Transfer of management advice

If your considering the change, chances are your not the only dissatisfied client at your site. Our office can assist to explain in a step by step manner the simple process involved to empower your committee to make the decision and transfer management. Comple... Hover to Read More

Some of the developers we work with.

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