Sarah Cato

Senior Owners Corporation Manager


Sarah has been an integral part of Verticali for the past five years, as a perspicacious Senior Owners Corporation Manager. Sarah boasts high professional standards, outstanding communication and hands on management approach across the portfolio of buildings within her custody.

Sarah has sweeping experience across complex defect projects and the management of major capital improvement programs and restorations. This is compounded by her ability to assist in the transition of new sites and the review of historic finance and compliance management to ensure appropriate practices are put in place moving forward. This includes the review of existing contracts, status of essential service compliance and the market testing of services provided.

Her top priority is instilling a consistent level of attention-to-detail and steadfast dedication the firm is renowned for in each Verticali team member.

Given her work ethic, knowledge and friendly warm approach, Sarah is also responsible for the support and mentorship of new Verticali recruits, Sarah ensures every individual is exceeding in the management of their portfolios.

Supporting the committees as they have worked through major capital projects such as the lift modernisation project at Domain Hill, defect rectification works at Hallmark and an interior refurbishment project at Hallmark are examples of the way the team at Verticali use their specialist individual skills to help clients achieve the extraordinary results.

Sarah came into this position after seven years in event and project management within the public health sector. The copious skills acquired in her previous role were quickly transferable to the work required to manage Committees, liaise with owners possessing diversified needs, and manage physical buildings and their grounds.

Sarah Cato‘s portfolio.

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